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Classic Brick

Air Vol’s Classic Brick provides an affordable alternative to Clay Brick. While Classic Brick is available in the long-established red and antique finishes, it is also offered in colors not readily available in clay brick products.

Historically, finding a brick to complement a home with the popular bluish-Gray color scheme has been difficult, if not impossible. Our blended Georgia Gray/Charcoal Classic Brick provides the perfect accent to Blue/Gray colored homes.

Classic Brick is also available in our Mariposa Red/Charcoal Blend which goes well with many tile roofs, and our Baltimore Black Brick which is perfect for borders and accents.

We now manufacture Burnished Classic Brick which has a granite-like appearance at a fraction of the cost, and also Tumbled Classic Brick!

Reasons to Specify Classic Brick:

Thermal Performance:

A single-wythe of Classic Brick substantially improves the thermal capacity of a wall system.

Acoustical Properties:

Classic Brick imparts resistance to sound transmission. For example, a normal weight unit with a density of 140 lb/Sq.Ft. provides a sound transmission classification (STC) in excess of 50. When used in conjunction with other materials to create a cavity wall, an STC of between 51 and 59 is achievable.

Fire Protection:

A fire resistance classification in excess of one hour is easily obtained with a single-wythe of Classic Brick. Classic Brick can also be used to provide fire protection to steel columns.

Design Considerations:

The requirements for good performance from a concrete brick wall include:

  1. A foundation which will handle the weight of the brick veneer
  2. A well-braced back-up wall which will handle the veneer load
  3. Proper attachment to the back-up wall.
  4. Proper design and detailing of expansion joints, flashing, and drainage
  5. Proper use of materials
  6. Good workmanship during construction

Air Vol Block has a wealth of technical and design information available pertaining to concrete brick. Please contact our sales office for additional information.

Actual product colors may vary from the colors shown on this website. Because texture and color variations are inherent in all concrete products, we recommend that you look at actual product samples prior to ordering.

Mason Mix Mortar

Mason Mix Mortar

And for consistent quality and color,
be sure to specify Mason Mix Mortar!

Mariposa Red/Charcoal with Baltimore Black Trim

Mariposa Red/Charcoal with Baltimore Black Trim (Stock)

Baltimore Burnished Brick

Baltimore Burnished Brick (Special Order)

Baltimore Black

Baltimore Black (Stock)

Tumbled Amador Antiques

Tumbled Amador Antiques (Special Order)

Burnished Georgia Brick

Burnished Georgia Brick (Special Order)

Georgia Gray Charcoal Blend

Georgia Gray Charcoal Blend (Special Order)

ASTM C55 Physical Requirements for Concrete Brick
Grade Minimum Compressive Strength, psi
(Concrete Brick Tested Flatwise)
Average Gross Area
Maximum Water Absorption, lb/Cu.Ft.
(Average of 3 Bricks)
with Oven Dry Weight of Concrete, lb/Cu.Ft.
Average of 3
Concrete Brick
Concrete Brick
Light Weight
< 105 lb/ lb/Cu.Ft.
Medium Weight
105 to 125 lb/Cu.Ft.
Normal Weight
> 125 lb/Cu.Ft.
N 3,500 3,000 15 13 10
S 2,500 2,000 18 15 13
Classic Brick conforms to the physical requirements
for Grade N, normal weight concrete brick as outlined in ASTM C 55.
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