Thin Joint Permeable (TJP)

thin joint permeable classic I
thin joint permeable classic II
thin joint permeable classic rectangle
thin joint permeable classic quad

Just like our original Permeable Roman Pavers but the joint gap is narrower!

Thin Joint Permeable Paver joints are 4.5mm instead of the original 7.5mm

Currently Stocked in the Classic Bevel Style in Sandstone Blend,  Morro Bay Grey, and Carmel Brown colors!

Available VIA SPECIAL ORDER in the Pillow Top Roman or  Euro Cobble Style.

(80mm thickness only)


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Available Styles

*Brown Charcoal color pictured WITHOUT joint rock*

thin joint permeable paver pillow brown black
Pillow Top Roman
thin joint permeable paver classic brown black
Classic Bevel
thin joint permeable paver euro texture brown charcoal
Euro Cobble

Available Colors

Now stocked in the Sandstone Blend, Morro Bay Grey, and Carmel Brown colors!   Other colors are made-to-order, and  minimum order quantities and set-up charges may apply. More colors than those shown may be available.

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*NON-permeable Pillow Top Romans pictured to show color

Roman Paver Sandstone
Morro Bay Grey
Morro Bay Grey
Lopez Blend
Lopez Blend
Carmel Brown
Carmel Brown
See Canyon Red Blend
See Canyon Red
Roman Cobble Paver Brown Charcoal
Brown Charcoal
Railroad Blend
Cerro Blend
Cerro Blend
Cambria Gold
Cambria Gold
Roman Cobble Red Charcoal
Red Charcoal
Roman Cobble Sunburst
Roman Cobble Charcoal
Roman Cobble Gray Charcoal
Gray Charcoal
roman cobble sienna brown pavers
Sienna Brown

Typical Base Construction

typical PICP cross section

A typical permeable base is constructed using these materials:

  • A sub-base of number 2 stone (or approved equal).
  • A base of number 57 stone (or approved equal)
  • A 1-1/2″ to 2″ thick bedding course of number 8 stone (or approved equal)
  • Joints filled with number 8 stone (or approved equal)



Info Sheet
Permeable Romans and TJP Pavers

Job Site Photos

Euro Cobble - Brown Charcoal
Euro Cobble - Brown Charcoal
TJP Classic Morro Bay Grey
TJP Classic Carmel Brown


Our staff of masonry and landscape experts is standing by to assist you with any questions you may have or just send us your material quantities to get an itemized material quote.

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