Amerimix Mortar

Amerimix Mortar  as manufactured by Air Vol Block is a commercial-grade mortar designed especially for laying concrete block, brick, or stone. Amerimix Mortar is a precision factory-blended mortar which meets or exceeds the mortar compressive strength requirements as outlined in ASTM C-270 and ASTM C-387.

Amerimix Mortar is Manufactured Using the Following High Quality Ingredients:

  1. Common Cement conforming to the requirements of ASTM C-150 type II / V.
  2. Hydrated lime conforming to the requirements of ASTM C-207 Type “S.”
  3. Aggregates conforming to the requirements of ASTM C-144.
  • Stocked in Natural Gray and Our stock Tan Color!
  • Custom-Colors Available to Complement Any Block Color!
    Pre-Blended Color Ensures Color Consistency Throughout the Project!
  • Designed Specifically for the Professional Contractor!
  • Stocked in Type “S”.   Type “M” Mortar can be special-ordered.
  • Packaged in Easy-to-Handle 80 lb. Sacks!
Amerimix Mortar