Mortarless Wall Systems

Free Standing Wall Systems

Actual product colors may vary from the colors shown on this website. Because texture and color variations are inherent in all concrete products, we recommend that you look at actual product samples prior to ordering.

AB courtyard collection

The AB Courtyard Collection™

Totally mortar-less! No concrete footing required! Suitable for low, freestanding walls up to 36″ high.

Use the AB Courtyard to build patio enclosures, landscape accents, seating walls, mailbox posts, light posts, and planters.


Morro Stone Fountain Kit

MorroStone Stackable Blocks

MorroStone Blocks can be simply stacked to create low walls, BBQ Enclosures, Columns, and more! (Use a concrete adhesive for a more permanent installation)


Retaining Wall Systems

AB Europa® Collection

The AB Europa® Collection

Mix and match from four block shapes to create distinctively patterned walls.


AB collection

AB® Collection

We manufacture a wide array of Allan Block products which can be used for either large structural walls or smaller decorative walls.


Garden Wall Systems

AB® Legend

AB® Legend

The AB Legend is for decorative walls 36″ high or less.


Nursery Stone


NurseryStone is a rear-lip block which can be used for walls 24-inches high or less.


Handy Stone

Handy Stone II

Handy Stone works great for low, decorative walls or tree rings not exceeding 24-inches in height.