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Concrete Pavers

Take a closer look at our interlocking concrete paver styles, installation tips, and advantages.

Mortarless Wall Systems

Totally mortar-less! No concrete footing required! Suitable for low, freestanding walls up to 36″ high.

Concrete Masonry

Long-lasting concrete masonry provides the best long-term value for fences, retaining walls, buildings, and homes.

Natural Stone

In addition to our own manufactured products, we are pleased to offer a wide selection of natural stone

Bulk Landscape Products

Bark and Wood Chip Products, Soil & Compost Products, Decorative Rock, Sand, and Gravel.

Sacked Products

Air Vol Block manufactures a wide array of bagged products, including Quikrete concrete mix and more…


Air Vol Block fabricates reinforcing steel rebar to your specifications; Sizes #4 through #9 from 60′ bars.

Resale products

In addition to our own manufactured products, Air Vol Block also carries related fine products.

Located in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California, Air Vol Block is a manufacturer of quality concrete masonry units, Allan Block mortarless retaining wall systems, and interlocking concrete pavers. We also manufacture bagged dry-mix products such as Quikrete concrete mix, Mason Mix Mortar, and assorted other sacked products. To round out our product offerings, we fabricate reinforcing steel and sell a wide variety of building materials including Cultured Stone, and several varieties of clay bricks. Read More…

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