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Handy Stone II

With the Handy-Stone II Retaining Wall System, it’s easy to build a variety of retaining wall projects – including those hs1blokwith curves and corners. No mortar or concrete footings are required. Instead, units are simply placed on a sand leveling pad. Rear lips on Handy-Stone II units help to resist forces from retained soil and provide correct alignment.

It’s easy to add beauty to your home with Handy Stone II units. They’re perfect for small retaining walls, terraces, tree rings, planters, and many other landscape projects.The solid concrete units are virtually maintenance free and are an environmentally safe handyst1alternative to treated timbers or railroad ties.

Actual product colors may vary from the colors shown on this website. Because texture and color variations are inherent in all concrete products, we recommend that you look at actual product samples prior to ordering.


Color Swatches:

Chocolate Handystone II


Grey Handystone II


Pismo Handystone II


Pismo Handy Stone II

Pismo Handy Stone II


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